PRE - Site Work Agreement (SWA)
This Site Work Agreement is valid for 2 years from the signing date for any MPA Skills Pre Apprentices that attends Work Experience with your company.
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Company Details
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Pre Placement Requirements
- Pre Apprentices must have a White Card prior to commencement - A site induction must be completed before the Pre Apprentice commences work - Pre Apprentices emergency contact details must be supplied to the supervisor by MPA Skills -If the Pre Apprentice has a medical condition, this must be discussed with the supervisor. A medical/treatment plan should be supplied by MPA Skills (if required)
Standard of Work
-Pre Apprentices cannot be expected to produce work to Tradesman standard -Whilst all care and attention is given, no responsibility can be taken for the standard of workmanship -Work will be carried out to the best of their ability -MPA Skills will not be held responsible for any work not completed
Work Requirements
-Pre Apprentices must be exposed to real work place conditions/tasks which are relevant to the trade -MPA Skills will conduct site visits to monitor the Pre Apprentice’s progress and will ask for feedback from the supervisor -Pre Apprentices must be supervised at all times by a qualified Tradesperson
Hours of Work
8.00am – 4.30pm (Use as a guide only, hours should be discussed between the supervisor and Pre Apprentice)
*INJURY* -Pre Apprentices are not covered under workers compensation, as they are not employed by MPA Skills -In the event that the Pre Apprentice injures themselves, there is cover available via the MPA Skills Personal Accident Insurance. Personal Accident insurance will cover a student if the injuries result in their loss of income, it does not cover medical bills. It is suggested that injuries are dealt with by a bulk billing General Practitioner (GP) or Public Hospital, then claimed against Medicare or Private Health Insurance *DAMAGE OF PROPERTY* -In the instance that a Pre Apprentice damages third party property or equipment, it is recommended that the supervisor claim through their own Public Liability policy in the first instance. Your provider can then seek further recovery through the MPA Skills Public Liability if the Pre Apprentice was considered solely negligent and not acting in accordance with how they were instructed
If a student requires a hard hat or specific safety equipment on site, please inform MPA Skills so we can arrange this for the student.
Injury Management
-If a Pre Apprentice is injured on site, the injury must be reported to the supervisor immediately -Supervisor to assess the severity of the injury and provide first aid if needed -Supervisor to immediately contact an MPA Skills representative to report the incident and ensure that the Pre Apprentices emergency contact is informed -Supervisor to complete an injury report and send a copy to MPA Skills for further investigation
Important Information
I agree to the following statements: -I acknowledge that any vehicle used to transport the Pre Apprentice will have a current vehicle licence, be insured and the driver will have a current driver’s license -I acknowledge that I have received a copy of MPA Skills Certificate of Currency -I confirm that my company has consulted with our insurance broker to determine that I hold the appropriate level of Public Liability insurance to accept a Pre Apprentice for work placement -I will supply a copy of my Public Liability to MPA Skills -I understand the responsibilities of taking a Pre Apprentice for work placement and will ensure that all workplace health and safety requirements are taken into consideration -Supervisors are required to let MPA Skills know if the student does not attend work experience by phone, text or email.
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