PRE - Site Work Agreement (SWA)
This Site Work Agreement is valid from 1 January 2019 to 1 January 2021 for any MPA Skills Pre Apprentices that attend Work Experience with your company.
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STANDARD OF WORK - Pre-apprentices cannot be expected to produce work to tradesperson standard. - Whilst all care and attention is given no responsibility can be taken for the standard of workmanship. - Work will be carried out to the best of their abilities. - MPA Skills will not be held responsible for any work not completed
HOURS OF WORK - Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.30pm or as agreed (Use as a guide only)
INSURANCE - Pre-apprentices are covered for Personal Accident Insurance by MPA Skills. MPA Skills personal accident policy schedule reads: “The insurance provided under this Policy shall only apply whilst an Insured person is engaged in a work experience or training / education program that is authorised and under the control of the Policyholder. The coverage shall also extend to include direct travel to and from the location of the work experience or training / education program.” - MPA Skills does not provide Workers’ Compensation insurance for pre-apprentices undertaking work experience as they are not employees of MPA Skills. - MPA Skills’ public liability insurance confirmation of cover is available upon request
SAFETY - All tasks undertaken by pre-apprentices will be carried out in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. - All pre-apprentices hold a current Safety Awareness Card (White Card).
INJURY MANAGEMENT - Pre Apprentice/School Based Pre Apprentice (no employer) reports injury to on-site Supervisor immediately. - On-site Supervisor provides First Aid treatment, assesses injury and severity. - On-site Supervisor immediately contacts MPA Skills who will ensure the Pre Apprentice’s parent/guardian or appropriate person is informed. - If Medical Treatment required, Pre Apprentice conveyed to Medical Provider of their choice for treatment. - Injury Report completed by on site Supervisor as soon as practicable after the incident and forwarded to MPA Skills OHS Manager for investigation.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Dependant on seriousness of injury, Pre Apprentice/School Based Pre Apprentice may be transported by the on-site supervisor or their nominated person for medical attention or by Ambulance if urgent medical attention is required. - The treating Medical Provider must be advised this is NOT a Workers’ Compensation claim as Pre Apprentices/School Based Pre Apprentices are NOT covered under the MPA Skills Workers’ Compensation Policy. The medical treatment is to be paid by the Pre Apprentice and any gap claimed through Medicare as per normal processes. As a registered business entity, you are required to provide appropriate insurance cover.
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