SB - Workplace Learning (Work Experience)
School Based Pre Apprenticeship students to complete
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During the Pre Apprenticeship course, students are required to complete 125 hours (for 1 Year Program) or 220 hours (for 2 year Program) of Workplace Learning. MPA Skills find your work placement and will do so in the first few weeks of the course commencing. Please see below options, please tick when you will be completing your Work Placement hours (please discuss this with your school)-
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I understand what is expected of me? • Students are to cooperate and accept duties in an obliging manner • Be eager to learn, listen to instructions and ask questions • Be respectful, polite, courteous and honest • Meet standards of work health & safety requirements • Comply with specified uniform and personal protective equipment at the workplace • Communicate with MPA Skills staff if they are having any issues on site, or need to change host employers. *
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